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Designed by Artigiano Oway and made at km 0 by Italian master potters to gradually transport water and nutrients to the plants, reusing glass bottles.


Once filled with water, the porous nature of the CONO terracotta system guarantees gradual and prolonged release of water into the soil, keeping it moist for a long time (up to two weeks). Ideal for the daily care of both indoor and outdoor plants; the essential solution for when you're away from home.

• Thoroughly wet CONO and fill with water before placing it in the ground.
• Upcycle and reuse an OWAY bottle (240 ml) filled with water, then upturn it and place it in CONO.
• The additional reservoir means that plants only draw the amount of water they need to keep hydrated, without risk of overwatering.




We safeguard the concentrated richness of Oway's agricosmetics in glass bottles and aluminium tubes: inert and protective materials, 100% recyclable for an infinite number of times. We use metal caps, where possible, to seal bottles and jars. We promote the interchangeability and reuse of the dispenser and encourage consumption awareness of our formulas, reducing waste.

We only choose eco-certified papers, such as FSC, which come from responsibly managed forests, and Tree Free, deriving from food production waste. To minimise our impact on the environment, we only use essential packaging and avoid unnecessary packaging. For some cases we create reusable cotton or wooden materials.

Check with your Municipality for a correct waste disposal


*It is not necessary to rinse the container from the very small residue of product inside.

**You can dispose of the label together with the bottle, without having to unglue it and dispose of it in the paper waste collection.

***Store the dosing pump by removing it from the detergent in use and screwing it onto a product of the same format.


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