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Elegant glass infuser.


• Allows preparing infusions and personalized detox waters with fruit, plants and herbs
• With INFUSO, you can always carry your concentrates of nature with you
• Reusable, washable and rechargeable, with INFUSO, you avoid plastic waste
• Double-walled, it allows maintaining (hot or cold) temperatures for a long time and the beneficial features of your infusions
• Hermetic closure


How to prepare an infusion: Pull the filter out of the OW INFUSO. Chop the plants and herbs, place them in the metal filter and hook it back inside the container. Pour very hot water directly into the container so that it flows throught the metal filter. Allow it to steep for 5-10 minutes, so that the liquid can absorb the active ingredients of the plant. You can give it a touch of extra sweetness by adding honey, sugar or plant sweeteners.

How to prepare a favoured detox water: Extract the filter from the OW INFUSO. Fruit, vegetables, spices etc. must be thoroughly washed and possibly pealed if you are not sure that they are organic. Cut the various ingredients into small pieces and put them into the glass OW INFUSO container. Cover with mineral water (you can also use sparkling water). Allow to steep in the fridge for at least 3 hours before drinking. You can add a few ice cubes. Once you have consumed it, you can use the ingredients one more time by filling the container with water again.




We safeguard the concentrated richness of Oway's agricosmetics in glass bottles and aluminium tubes: inert and protective materials, 100% recyclable for an infinite number of times. We use metal caps, where possible, to seal bottles and jars. We promote the interchangeability and reuse of the dispenser and encourage consumption awareness of our formulas, reducing waste.

We only choose eco-certified papers, such as FSC, which come from responsibly managed forests, and Tree Free, deriving from food production waste. To minimise our impact on the environment, we only use essential packaging and avoid unnecessary packaging. For some cases we create reusable cotton or wooden materials.

Check with your Municipality for a correct waste disposal


*It is not necessary to rinse the container from the very small residue of product inside.

**You can dispose of the label together with the bottle, without having to unglue it and dispose of it in the paper waste collection.

***Store the dosing pump by removing it from the detergent in use and screwing it onto a product of the same format.


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